George Carlin – American Dream 2005

    American Dream: 3 + minutes of perfect clarity about the real owners of the country

George Carlin video well worth your time if you have not seen it. The language in this clip is very classic Carlin and not suitable for children unless they cuss like depraved sailors.

Note, he is saying in 2005 that “…they are coming for your social security”. This week’s headlines are all abuzz with news that Obama is proposing cuts in social security, lol. What a preposterous joke that we propose to balance the budget by taking nearly $100 a month from people who are likely making choices of food vs medicine. Only a nakedly corrupt system would ask their elders to pony up while the most capable jam their overseas accounts with more and more cash.

Saint and Senator Bernie Sanders has taken a hard stand on the predation of our elderly and against this harmful proposal by our President. Let’s hope he is joined by more of his “peers”.

Ultimately people will conclude that the real problem in the country is the insane accumulation of wealth and political power in the hands of the privileged few. Until then, can we dig up Carlin, get his DNA, and clone our way out of this?

3 thoughts on “George Carlin – American Dream 2005

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