The Alchemy of Activism

The Alchemy of Activism

February 1, 1960 four college friends go to grab some coffee.  The store says “We don’t serve your kind in here”.  The group decides that’s unfair, and they sit there in protest.

That’s all.

They just sat.

When the store closed, they left.  No fights, no megaphones, no moving picket lines.

The next day, 20 people came to sit.  The next day, 60 came.  The next day 300 came…

July 25, 1960, less than 6 months later, the entire Woolworth Store chain is desegregated and more fuel provided to burn down the system of overt discrimination.

Four friends were transformed from normal, nameless students, into heroes, immortalized by their bravery, righteousness, and victories.

A base system of overt discrimination was transformed into one paying at least lip service to the precious notion of equality.

Because four friends sat together.

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