Noam Chomsky: Totalitarian Culture in a Free Society

1993 Noam Chomsky talk on Totalitarian Culture in a Free Society.  It is wonderful and still highly relevant of course, as the mechanics of elite domination don’t seem to change much.

Organize and get active.

Protest the democratically corrosive concentration of wealth and political power; stop the legislative acceleration of inequity that such concentration naturally births.  Insist on a living wage.  Demand an end to the assault on public education, worker rights, unions, and social security.  Speak out against the erosions of First Amendment law, the crucifixion of Bradley Manning, and the war on whistle-blowers.  Get together and force a discussion on reclaiming due process in our legal system…even for non-white people.  Make your voice heard on joblessness and the economic quicksand of austerity.

Power is more often retaken than relinquished.


I just read, in my local paper, about a group of citizens and workers at a State hearing this Thursday demanding the right for 56 hours/year mandatory sick leave.

What a wonderful thing to see.  These types of relatively unnoticed , seemingly small acts can provide meaningful change locally and could knit together a larger push towards better priorities in our government.

In the article, the reporter mentions Ray Bouffard, owner of a local market in Vermont.  Ray was at the Statehouse to argue against higher cigarette taxes and thought he would chime in to oppose citizens being able to get sick AND keep their job.

Think about that for a second. What a great guy.  What a great market to boycott.

Smokin’ Ray said requiring paid sick days would cost him about $50,000 a year.

I wonder if he ever thinks of it as if he took $50,000 a year from his employees who were forced to work while sick, and possibly contagious (all of those hand-to-hand transactions while sick…love to see that contagion mapped and its costs tallied) .  Probably not…Smokin’ Ray does not strike me as the reflecting-type.

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