President Obama today has called again for the closing of Guantanamo Bay.

Obama the Merciful.

Could his empathy perhaps be due to the world-wide attention now focused on the fact that 100 out of 166 inmates there are on hunger strike and may start dying in droves?

The inmates seem to protest the fact that they have been held indefinitely ( a mere 11+ years and counting) with no presented evidence or even charges. Over two dozen have decided they want to die of hunger rather than stay there like animals.

Media attention has been drawn to the hunger strike, and it seems to have provoked a verbal response from the President, who will go down in history as being as destructive to our civil rights as Woodrow Wilson or the big, bad “W”.

For a slice of life for the protestors inside of Gitmo, please read this short Op-Ed from the New York Times. The writer gives us, in plain prose, what happens at Gitmo when they ring that dinner bell.

I am pleased that our President has spoken out against this ridiculous black hole in Cuba; he can sound so sincere. Like a kid with an abusive Dad, I believe him this time…he doesn’t really want to do these things, but you know, the bad guys just make him sometimes, and anyways, as long as he can kill with robots in any country he choses while caging whistleblowers like he was paid on commission, he promises not to open yet another black prison site, where due process is abandoned and humans are tortured…sorry…”subject to enhanced interrogation” again.

1 thought on “Gitmo

  1. Jeff Nguyen

    Even if, and that’s a big if, Guantanamo is closed who’s going to hold the government accountable for the untold number of renditions sites around the globe? These prisoners or others like them will just disappear down a new rabbit hole. Obama was telling the truth when he said “it’s inefficient”, the mistake they made was bringing these prisoners so close to American borders where nosy journalists, lawyers or activists might get wind of them rather than FedEx them to a land far, far away from prying eyes.

    It seems like much of the “progressives” have bought the good cap/bad cop shtick they’ve been running on us since Obama took office. If only the big, bad Repubs wouldn’t stand in the POTUS’s way, then hope and change would burst forth from sea to shining sea. Never mind, the DEMOS have co-signed every step of the way from blanket immunity to the telecoms for wiretapping American citizens to the kill list/disposition matrix and the sequester/austerity.

    Thanks for your support over at my blog, by the way, every voice is needed.


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