Update – Our Government is Devouring our First Amendment


The New York Times ran what was called a “scathing” Op Ed yesterday, May 21, 2013, condemning the Obama administration’s assault on our First Amendment rights.  See my post of May 15th on the same subject.

History will show that President Obama has been the most destructive President to our civil liberties since Woodrow Wilson.

Intimidating, infiltrating, and emasculating press is what totalitarian governments do.

We should all be concerned about what is being done to our rights. The war against Wikileaks and the whistleblowers has naturally spilled over into our mainstream media.  Predictable to any child with a history book, this infringement-creep was not noticed at first by the mainstream journalist who cheered Assange’s persecution and waved flags at the attacks on Wikileaks.

Now that the wolves have come for the mainstream press, and, more importantly, their sources, we may see the President’s assault on civil liberties called what it is.

Without the free flow of information, it is impossible to have a democracy.

Speak out against this assault on our Freedom of Press.

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