I am back from an unplugged summer.

Being a stay-at-home Dad with young kids means that summer is on-the-go, lake-swimming, zombie-killing, hike-taking time.  I spent the summer pretty unplugged from news and grateful for any sleep that came my way.

As the world seems about the same as when I “left” it, (Howard Zinn, Gandhi, MLK, & Che Guevara all remain tragically uncloned, with so much work still to do, no pack of gods has thrown Goldman, Sachs out of the temple, and Kissinger is still only an unindicted war criminal), I must report that I am back to my rants and looking forward to reconnecting with my fellow ranters.  

Rants are important. 

Howling into the digital wilderness is important… as I think Henry Jeckyll wrote, who knows which drop of water breaks the dam? 


5 thoughts on “I am back from an unplugged summer.

    1. Glenn Dukes at civilrightskiosk.com Post author

      DK Fennell…(I stare at & shuffle my feet) I am terribly embarassed and must confess a crime.

      I am afraid, that I had somehow confused you with another writer! I went to your wonderful site again today and re-connected with the “real you”. I love your site and feel like running though the town screaming “Eureeka” now that I have rediscovered it…except that the Vermont mosquitos and deer flies are too heavy at the moment for any proper streaking.

      You have a new subscriber and I have a lot of very pleasant catch-up reading to do on http://hiddencause.wordpress.com/


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