The Most Odious Legislation in the World?

beard-tax token from the reign of Tsar Peter I

Today marks the anniversary of a truly abhorrent piece of legislation…a tax on beards.

Tsar Peter I (who should never, ever be called “Peter the Great”), in a craven, sycophantic, Leonard Zelig-like frenzy, outlawed beards on all but priests and peasants.  He allegedly did this so his countrymen would appear more modern and western, but I see only the work of a madman.

Bearded folk could pay the tax and wear the bronze token pictured above as a way to show they were not only gorgeously plumed, but also in full compliance with the most odious legislation in the world.

Viva the beard!

3 thoughts on “The Most Odious Legislation in the World?

    1. Glenn Dukes at Post author

      Huge fan of Zapata, Adam! Viva Zapata!

      Scientists are busily cloning a wooly mammoth, as I understand it, having found some DNA. Why not do something useful and clone Zapata AND a fleet of wooly mammoths? We could use some economic redistribution from Zapata and a herd of killer mammoths right about now.

      Take it easy, Adam, and thanks for coming by. I need to knock the dust off of this blog, and interesting folks like you help to get it going.


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