The Reckless and Dangerous Path to Syria

U.S. officials say they expect an attack to begin at night with missiles launched from sea and air in an operation that could last up to three days – LA Times August 28, 2013

China has now joined Russia in publicly opposing US military action in Syria without Security Council Approval.  Military action there would subject our country to economic threats certainly, and possibly much more.  The actions being breathlessly lobbied for by Obama are extremely reckless and expose the nation unnecessarily.  We can’t continue to act as if this is 1946 and we have the world’s only functioning economy and intact manufacturing centers.

Limited strikes in Syria will not accomplish regime change, are nearly guaranteed to kill many civilians, will generate more jihadist antipathy, and will not be enough to change the course of the war, if indeed they are limited.  They also have the serious potential to explode the scope of the current conflict.

What do we hope to accomplish at what cost?  The notion that the nation who installed and supported the Shah, Pinochet, Trujillo, Rios Montt, Somoza, Suharto, the repressive Saudi regime, invaded Iraq illegally, killed 4+ million southeast Asians and so on and so on, is operating purely out of humanitarian motivation is historically naive to the point of comedy or willful blindness.  If our concern were humanitarian, why did we not get involved as Assad was killing 100,000+ and counting with conventional means?  If our concern is that Assad violated the rules of the civilized world by using chemical weapons, why do we sit here contemplating aggression outside of the UN Security Council, which is literally a war crime?

Enough warmongering in the Middle East.  Contact your congressional representatives and demand an end to this reckless and dangerous path to Syria.

4 thoughts on “The Reckless and Dangerous Path to Syria

  1. brucethomasw

    Thanks for articulating this so well. You probably have heard of Canada’s retired general and current senator Romeo Dallaire, who led the catastrophic UN mission in Rwanda. He now helps lead and bring awareness about the Child Soldier Initiative in conjunction with U of Dallahouise, (north of you).

    My wife heard Romeo speaking about Syria on CBC radio a few days ago and he asked the question (like yourself), that why if we are serious about the UN resolution called “responsibility to protect”, (I think he means the international community and the so-called democratic free world) would not have been serious about acting in Syria as soon as the human rights abuses began? As the old sayin goes – sh*t or get of the pot.

    I appreciate your nuanced analysis, Glenn. Let’s hope Obama and others choose another wiser path to solve this terrible situation. By the way – thanks for visiting by my blog this morning. I would love to sit and chat with you over a cup of coffee with you in Vermont, or here on Vancouver Island – either/or! Peace and best regards. Bruce


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